Dwayne Williams

image maker based in Minneapolis / St.Paul, MN.

Dwayne started photography while at the School of the Associated ( now College of the Visual ) Arts in St Paul, MN. , earning a BA in Communication Design. After graduation began pursuing photography in earnest, interning with Doug Beasly and working in portrait, music and fashion studio work. Documentary work holds great appeal and to that end Travels to Brazil, China, Thailand and more have followed. Won print magazine regional design award in 2001. Work has appeared in / Clients include: Twin Cities Reader, Minneapolis Star/Tribune, Target, and the United States Postal Service

Co-Originated a yearlong art blog ( ) with  writer Kevin Kautzman and musician Shaun Phillips, rotating weekly posts between them. 

Current work includes a  project documenting Native American children in North Dakota, and video production.

Dance, documentary, travel, music...more galleries coming soon to the site, stay tuned to the blog!

About: Contempo Physical Dance : 

Im the photographer for Contempo Physical Dance company under the leadership of Marciano Silva Dos Santos

Contempo Physical Dance is fueled by movement research and the pursuit of extreme physicality. The company produces virtuosic dance works and creates vibrant new movement, a distinct and irresistible fusion of Afro-Brazilian dance, capoeira and contemporary dance. 

go to  for more information and more photos

About: Tatanka Oyate ( Buffalo People ) Project : 

The Tatanka Oyate Project is a Documentary in Two parts:
Tatanka week at Cannonball Elementary School, Mandan, North Dakota

An end of the school year celebration where the traditional ways and values of the Buffalo People is taught through games and crafts and storytelling..Nature walks and Archery and teepee building. Began as a way to combat the loss of Dakota culture to the future, the week ends with a buffalo feast for the whole community and begins with the ceremonial slaughter of a buffalo as showcased here.

....and the Powwow at United Tribes International in Bismarck,  North Dakota  

Dance off, Family reunion and State fair all in one.

Special Thanks to Todd and Peggy Hanson for their friendship and support and the Staff and students of Cannonball Elementary School

About: studioSLANG :


Blog: Images and Thoughts.

Including: Eight questions ( 8?'s )  Where my photos speak for themselves! I ask my portrait subjects to answer 8 questions about themselves and their world.